Work with a mentor

Learning from videos and online classes can be hard. Sometimes you just want to ask a question or work through a tough concept or problem. Our mentors are here to help. We use real-world experts who work in the courses’ respective fields. If you want to learn to code, learn from a Google software engineer. If you want to learn how to invest, learn from a Wall Street money manager. If you want to learn how to make a great pisco sour, learn from Pablo, our Peruvian bartender. These mentors will help you learn the course material and how it is used in the real world at leading companies and craft makers around the world.

Most mentors charge per hour and rates can vary significantly, however, some mentors provide services free of charge for high potential or lower income students.

Email us at to learn more.

Become a mentor

If you are an expert in your field and want to teach others or create your own course, reach out to us to apply for a position.

Mentors can have a tremendous impact on the students that they teach. Some mentors provide their services for free or subsidize their rate for lower income students. Other mentors seek to make a part or full time living from their mentoring. You can decide how you want to engage with students.

Mentors who wish to teach a class can apply for our various professor positions or create their own position. Professors can teach as an adjunct or one time position or can pursue full time opportunity.

Email us at to learn more