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The coding major is designed to… Provides modular, adaptive, self-paced course curriculum with dynamic content based on individual students using it and their individual learning style and experience level using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Gives you the option to take courses pass / fail, for a grade, or to audit them.

Offers a wide range of course curriculum across coding, business, accounting, science, math, etc.

Coding 101 - Front End Web (HTML/CSS/JS)

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You will learn 3 languages in order to build front end websites: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript HTML gives the website a basic skeletal structure, written text, pictures, and links. This is similar to the bones in your body. CSS makes the site look good

Coding 102 - Back End Web (Python)

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Coding 103 - Databases (SQL)

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Coding 104 - Full Stack (Flask-SQLAclhemy)

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Coding 105 - Deployment & Tools

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Coding 106 - Interview Algorithms

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Life 101

Getting Things Done Will Power How to Read a Book Predictably Irrational