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Self-paced online courses with 1x1 mentorship and in-person learning pods (currently in NYC and Bay Area)

(Currently testing prototype Coding 101 class)

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Lifelong learning, endless curiosity, and high quality education for all

Online Courses and Tutors

1x1 Tutors
  • Expert tutors in coding, math, science, history, test prep, and admissions
  • High-quality global tutors based in U.S., India, and other countries
Modular Classes
  • Customized course slides, videos, and overviews developed by Ivy Leaguers and ex-Google engineers
  • Memory tools & cheat sheets so you retain information that you learn
For Any Budget
  • Course content is provided for free and is funded with alumni donations
  • 1x1 tutoring is charged per hour and pod enrollment is per course

Our Courses

(Free; donations encouraged)

Coding 101

Coding 101

Learn how to build and deploy a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AWS.

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Coding 102

Coding 102

Use Python with object-oriented programming to build back-end programs and basic algorithms

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Finance 101

Finance 101

Learn investing basics, estimate the NPV of a business, and calculate free cash flow from sales!

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Our students have a few nice things to say about us

"As a NYC public high school student, I did not have access to many advanced classes. I took the first version of the Coding 101 class and was able to build a website for a club that I started. I used the website in my college application to NYU." John G.
"I was an opera singer who was laid off during Covid lockdowns. I needed to switch careers fast but could not afford expensive classes offered by other schools. Uprise allowed me to learn how to become a front end web designer without having to take out thousands of dollars in student loans." Naya S.
"I am a Product Manager for a large tech company in the Bay Area. I have a MBA from Stamford but was struggling to understand why some tech projects were taking so long to build. Uprise gave me the skills and understanding I needed to better empathize with my software engineer teammates and appreciate what was time consuming and what was not." Maria S.